The State of the Smallholder Coffee Farmer is an open access resource, connecting indicator data about smallholder coffee farmers – particularly the economic, social and environmental characteristics of farmer households and their livelihoods.

With an explicit emphasis on producers, this initial pilot seeks to draw a more holistic picture of many realities of coffee smallholders, their livelihoods, and challenges. Ultimately, the initiative attempts to remove barriers to equitable information sharing, including those structures preventing producers from accessing data about themselves and their farms.

Nicaraguan farmer with her coffee plants. Credit: Heifer International/Phillip Davis

This interactive site and accompanying report are based on initial results stemming from extensive review, analysis and synthesis of existing data about coffee smallholders in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, with the goal of expanding into a larger, more permanent effort with broader industry support.


This pilot stems from a partnership between Heifer International, Lutheran World Relief, the Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative at the University of Vermont and Statistics for Sustainable Development (Stats4SD). As a component of this pilot includes collaborative ways of identifying information gaps and envisioning more impactful (yet less burdensome) ways of data collection, several other organizations have already contributed ideas and/or data.

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If you would like to get in contact with us please email: coffee@stats4sd.org